Warehouse Secure & Reliable

Storage & Warehousing for Commercial Goods

Our network Members have an excellent track record in successful warehouse design and the implementation and operation of both dedicated and multi-user facilities. Warehousing services support inbound logistics, distribution and aftermarket services in a way that will improve your inventory management, reduce total operating costs and improve cycle times.

We utilises multi-user warehouse space across the world, all connected to our global freight management network.

We supply a range of customers in different industries with a wide range of warehousing and distribution services including:

  • pick and pack
  • storage and distribution
  • inventory management
  • purchase order management
  • claims management
  • management of returned goods
  • pre-sales and after sales service

Cost Effective Storage for Household Goods
Overseas relocation is a time consuming process, and storing part or all of your household goods can be a budget-friendly option during your transition depending on the length of your move. Make sure you tell our international moving specialist the specifics of your relocation, so they can provide you with accurate advice on storage units that will suit your needs.

Secure Warehouse Storage
Our safe and secure warehouse facility consists of 40,000 square feet of storage that is clean, neat, secure, heated, well-lit, fire and moisture proof.

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